Gastrofest Loves Jacksonville’s Food Trucks


Corner Taco Food Truck

When it comes to food trucks, Gastrofest is a clear supporter. These are some of the reasons why.

Food trucks foster creativity. A smaller bottom line to begin with means that instead of going for formulaic food, food truckies have the ability to experiment. Once they find that a dish or technique that is successful, brick and mortars start following the trend. Plus, restaurants pushed by the competition end up doing more innovative food in order to compete.

Food trucks can bring life to an area which does not have enough regular traffic to sustain restaurants. Downtown is a tough place to do business if you’re a restaurateur. Most of the traffic Downtown is during the day, when workers fill the office buildings. Mobile food trucks can capture the rush, build their brand and fill those empty store fronts. Having non-generic food in an area can actually draw people to Downtown when they would not ordinarily be there. Restaurants that wouldn’t survive food trucks aren’t the ones everybody is blogging about.

Food trucks are good for the economy. We are starting to get quite a fleet of food trucks. More stodgy folk might believe that food trucks are just badly-painted pick up trucks with a barbecue smoker parked on the edge of civilization. Instead, what we have is much sleeker and far more vital than that. These are professional trucks that go where the people are. Food truck owners buy things locally. They drive business plans that revolve around the existence of food trucks. The food truck boom will open and support other brick and mortar businesses. Beaver Street Commissary, a certified kitchen, just opened this year as a space for caterers and food trucks to prep their food. Without food trucks, it’s unlikely Beaver Street would have opened. And of course, more than one brick and mortar restaurant got their start selling out of a food truck.

We love great food. Food trucks sell great food. When it comes down to it, that’s our bottom line. We care about food trucks because we care about food.

Erin ThursbyGastrofest Loves Jacksonville’s Food Trucks

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